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Custom netting barriers specifically designed to seperate and protect sensitive fish species. Unique underwater netting utilizes a custom flotation and anchoring system. Typical applications include but are not limited to: hydroelectric power plants, enangered fish recovery programs, fish hatcheries and sea nettle barriers.

Custom fabricated netting systems to protect berry, fruit tree and grape crops from birds or weather occurrences. Netting can be cut to size with or without rope borders for support. Redden offers various mesh sizes, twine sizes and material (cordage) types to suit each application. Installation services are available. Please inquire for contractor referrals.

Protect your warehouse, bridges, roof eaves, hangars, hatcheries or boatyards from roosting birds. Redden Nets produces netting barriers custom designed to fit easily in any application. Our netting systems are designed to be weather and U.V. resistant while maintaining low visibility. Netting systems can be offered materials only or complete installation by any of our regionally based contractors. Referrals are available by contacting a representative of Redden Nets at (800) 426-9284.