baseball stadium - batting cage - soccer barriers

Redden offers custom fabricated barrier nets for protection and containment. Netting systems are specifically designed for the back yard, school, municipal ball fields or professional sports stadiums.
Redden’s #18 and #36 nylon barrier netting for batting cages, back stops, foul ball protection, soccer field barriers and hockey spectator protection are some of the uses.

Professional sports stadiums take advantage of some of the high tech cordage’s available at Redden. Dyneema and Spectra are trade names for HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene). Netting made with this fiber allows for high strength with smaller/lighter twine sizes which minimizes view obstruction.

All netting systems available at Redden have been independently tested for mesh breaking strenth. Official copies of the test results and description of the testing procedure are available upon request. We encourage customers to request test results to help make fair comparisons while choosing their netting system.

Redden Nets can facilitate complete design and turnkey installation services from a network of the nations most qualified contractors and design consultants. Referrals are available by contacting a representative of Redden Nets at (800)426-9284.

Redden #18 Knotted - Nylon Netting
Redden #36 Knotted - Nylon Netting
Redden #18 Dyneema (HWMPE) Netting

Sport Netting Panels