Redden HMWPE Sport Netting System

Component Specifications & Construction

Netting :100% HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene) fiber. Trade names: Spectra or Dyneema. Twisted and knotted netting construction. 1.75 inch bar, 3.5 inch stretched mesh size. Treated with black urethane coating. +/- 350 lb. average break strength.

Rope :5/16” Twelve strand high molecular weight polyethylene. Trade name: Amsteel. Treated with grey urtherane coating. +/- 9,800 lb. average break strength.

Attachment Twine :2.2 mm braided high molecular weight polyethene twine. Treated with grey urethane coating. +/- 575 lb. average break strength.

Construction: The netting component will be attached to all rope borders and riblines via a continuous winding of the attachment twine. The attachment twine will be fixed in position on the rope component by a clove and one half hitch knot +/- 8 inches on center. The net component will be spread evenly to the rope component and provide a taut panel upon completion to the given measurements.


  • Shea Stadium, April 1999
  • Yankee Stadium, July 1999