Cordage Properties

When choosing a netting system for sports, industrial, marine or agriculture, the most important thing to understand is that the chief enemy to the longevity of the netting system is ultra-violet degradation. Regardless of the type of cordage used, sunlight will weaken the fibers over time. The key to maximizing the life of your netting system is choosing a cordage that combines high initial tensile strength with a slow rate of ultra violet deterioration. The following is a list of facts to consider:

Durability and Asthetics

Polyester has the best resistance to ultra-violet breakdown compared to nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene.

Dying the netting black will enhance its resistance to ultra-violet breakdown. The darker the color is to begin with, the longer it will be able to counteract the effects from sunlight.

The color black is by far, the least visible of colors used in netting construction. When viewing from a distance, black netting is almost undetectable. Lighter colors pick up the sunlight and become much more noticeable.

Polyester has excellent strength (greater than polypropylene and polyethylene) that does not decrease when wet (nylon does).

Polyester elongates under working loads to a lesser degree than nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene. Therefore insuring a better fit for a longer period of time.

Many of our competitors have publicized their product(s) to be stronger than they actually are. If you encounter this situation, please contact your representative so we can share our independent lab testing results.