Redden Nets

Redden Nets™ is a division of Redden Marine Supply, Inc. located in Bellingham, Washington. Redden specializes in the custom fabrication of barrier netting systems used in driving range and golf course protection applications. Our netting panels are constructed to the specific height, length and configuration that each individual job requires.

Net panels are customized with a rope border which extends around the full perimeter. Internal ropes called riblines are also integrated vertically and horizontally to correspond to the vertical and horizontal support cables attached to the pole structures.

Redden can also custom taper the bottom edge of the net panels to accommodate for ground elevation changes while maintaining a level overall height. Tapers can also be constructed to the at the top edge to increase or decrease your coverage in specific areas.

The components that Redden uses are unmatched in the market place. The netting is made of high grade polyester which has three main characteristics that make this cordage type the best fit for this application. (1) Polyester has the best overall resistance to ultra-violet in sunlight as compared to other conventional cordage’s. (2) Polyester has a very low percentage of stretch or elongation which ensures a lasting tight fit. (3) Polyester does not absorb moisture. Water adds to the weight of the netting which ultimately effects the fit. Water absorption can also decrease the initial breaking strength of other synthetic fibers.

Redden offers two netting systems in which the only physical difference is the twine size (weight) of the netting used. Redden’s #930 netting system has an average mesh breaking strength of 104.5 Lbs. and the #970 netting system has an average mesh breaking strength of 168.4 Lbs. These values have been determined at an independent testing facility and were conducted per I.S.O. 1806.

I.S.O. 1806 is the International Standards Organization’s method for break testing netting. Official copies of the test results and description of the testing procedure are available upon request. We encourage customers to request test results to help make fair comparisons while choosing their netting system.

Redden Nets can facilitate complete design and turnkey installation services from a network of the nations most qualified contractors and design consultants. Referrals are available by contacting a representative of Redden Nets at (800) 426-9284.